Birgitt Lübkemann creates subtly graded abstract images of soft, organic forms. She works in oil on canvas. Lübkemann’s compositions emit the energy of growth and, despite their utilisation of soothing limited palettes, they are capable of making us aware not only of the intense beauty of the natural world, but also of the essential vulnerability of tissue. Lübkemann’s technical approach has links to automatic painting, a genre favoured by the Surrealists  whereby the artist allows the sub-conscious mind to determine aesthetic direction and resolution. However in common with the Surrealists Lübkemann interrupts this process of conscious surrender with periods of intense and disciplined intervention, so that one way of working (where the aim is a partial loss of self) is temporarily replaced by the control and objectivity of that same self made more explicitly conscious.

Martin Kennedy – quoted from the book „Art in Seychelles, Then and Now“

Eternal 2015